iOS Development

Development of iPhone and iPad applications is one of the most high-demand services in our studio. For iOS application to be really successful it shall give users of Apple products the things they get used to have – perfect design and neat functionality. Any application creation is a work of the whole team – project manager, designer, iOS developers, technical and Q/A engineers. Our studio has a smoothly running development cycle for iOS platform. Our specialists will help to understand all process peculiarities starting from UX/UI solutions up to cobwebs of publishing in appstore. Qualification of iOS developers allows implementation of any tasks in applications creation.

Android Development

We’ve started developments for Android platform even when it was version 2.1. Long ago we learned to cope with many screen resolutions and endless types of customized firmware and our applications perfectly work on many devices with different Android versions onboard. We also welcome you if you want to create an Android version of an application existing on other platforms. We will do it in strict compliance with guideline and native components of the platform. Our Android developers are ready to implement even most complicated projects. Each our application is integrated with debugging data gathering system. The system incorporates a large set of test units of different manufacturers and different firmware using which our Q/A engineers achieve even better stability of shrink-wrap applications.

Back-end Development

Only a few contemporary applications have no back end. More than ever we have to work with high load systems designated for millions of users’ requests. Back ends for most of our projects are created in-house by developers and meet all requirements to operating speed, changes flexibility and load. We design and create server solutions and control interfaces using the most up-to-date development tools. Any project (from mobile API for access to an internet site data base up to complicated project that needs development of architecture and data models) is documented and prepared for submission to a customer and applications developers.

UI/UX Design

Creation of user-defined scripts and designs is a specific drive. It is the work our engineers and designers love most of all. They know how to give a user the best functionality ensuring pure and beautiful design. We develop user-defined scripts in strict coordination with a customer and basing on guidelines of each mobile platform. We know to what users of different platforms are get used and what they want to get from applications. The process includes study of users’ behavior, interfaces design, creation of pilot models and test of usability.

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What we do?

We create software for iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Apple Watch and Android Wear.


We evaluates project scope, analyzes feasibility, timelines and cost


The look and feel of the app takes tangible shape and clarity on the structure

Design and development

Mockups becomes a final design and we a ready to start development process


Step-by-step iterations for testing success and have a perfect app on exit


Provide assistance and advice when publishing in the app stores


Provide technical support during the entire life cycle of the application

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Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me!

- Steve Jobs

Сode is our passion

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

- Steve McConnell

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